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Official Language & Publication

Communication abstracts (300 to 500 words, preferably with figures) have to be mailed to the 3AF Executive Secretary ( before November 19, 2018 NOVEMBER 30, 2018

The Scientific Committee will inform the authors of acceptance by December 17, 2018 at the latest.

Papers must be submitted and presented in English.

The written version of the communication will be in English and must be sent to the 3AF Executive Secretary ( before February 18, 2019 to allow their insertion in the conference proceedings.
A 3AF template file will be provided for the preparation of the manuscript, you can donwload it in several format:  WORD / PDF / LaTex

Main Topics

Among the many aspects of the problem,the following items will be considered (the list not being exhaustive):

– Low and high speed buffet – Unsteady and transient conditions – Gust and crosswind / wind effects
on building
– Surge – Flight at high altitude / high speed – Ice accretion and droplet impact
– Operation at high angle of incidence
and stall
– Take off and landing – Ingestion (sand, birds, ice crystals, volcanic ash, foreign objects, etc.)
– Ground effect – Atmospheric reentry – Terrestrial vehicles in critical conditions (trailers instabilities, high speed trains)
– Intake separation and buzz – Space launcher at lift-off conditions – Tunnel effects and overtaking
(terrestrial vehicles)
– Turbine blade tip clearance – System failure conditions

Conference Deadlines

Abstract submission November 19, 2018 NOVEMBER 30, 2018
Paper acceptance December 17, 2018
Full paper February 18, 2019
Conference in Paris March 25-26-27, 2019

Information to the Authors

Following the reception of your notification, you have until February 25, 2019 to send your full paper by email to

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Authors will be invited to propose an extension of their works for publication in a special issue of the International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow dedicated to the conference. Each paper is reviewed by the guest-editor and, if it is judged suitable for publication, it will be sent to at least two independent referees for peer review. It is also possible to submit papers for publication in the CEAS Aeronautical Journal. Authors are however free to publish their paper in any other journal, a reference to the conference being then appreciated.

See the Call for Papers